Terms & Conditions


To be read in conjunction with our Lesson Information.

 Booking & Pre- Arrival 

  1. Please only complete an online booking form when you are ready to book lessons. For enquiries please complete a ‘contact us’ form and to be added to the waiting list please complete a ‘waiting list’ form.  All are here: www.swimclinic.school
  2. Payment is due on receipt of the invoice. If payment is not received by 24 hours before your first lesson, an admin fee of £15 will be added to your invoice. 
  3. If payment is not made on receipt of the invoice, Swim Clinic Ltd reserve the right to offer the place to another swimmer.
  4. We regret that children will not be permitted to swim if payment has not been made in full (which will include the admin fee if applicable) and any other overdue invoices.
  5. Please observe the rules of the schools where we swim. Please ensure that you park sensibly, within designated parking areas where parking is provided.  When parking on the street please respect local residents by not blocking driveways or dropped kerbs.
  6. Standard swim wear to be worn in the pool. Swimming shorts must be above the knee.  All in one swimwear is not recommended as unless it’s thermal the child will be cold when wearing a wet costume when they get out of the pool.  Our pools are all heated so thermal swimwear should not be needed.  Swimwear with zips (often at the back) aren’t suitable for children to wear as it is difficult for them to use the toilet and also to get dressed at the end of the lesson.
  7. Pupils must wear swim hats in the pool – this is a stipulation of our hire of the pool as hair can damage the pool plant room equipment (through which the pool water is circulated). Goggles are optional.  Both hats and goggles are for sale at poolside.


  1. Your lesson time is the time it starts and pupils must be in the water ready to start their lesson on time. Therefore please arrive at the entrance door to the pool 10 minutes before your lesson time.
  2. The door will be closed 5 minutes before your lesson start time. Latecomers will have to wait outside the door until the children who have already gone in are ready to swim and the outgoing children have left the poolside area and have either been taken to the changing room or back to their parents.  Please don’t enter the building until a member of our staff is there to check you in and take your child to their lesson.
  3. Please ensure your child has used the toilet before leaving home or at the pool before their lesson starts. Children leaving the lesson to use the toilet during their lesson miss part of their lesson, can get cold and also disrupt the lesson for other pupils.
  4. We don’t have a lesson viewing option in the pool buildings we use. However we will offer parent viewing days 3 times a year, on a date to be advised in advance. The exception to this is Harwell and Hagbourne where lessons can be viewed from outside the ‘conservatory’ structure that houses the pool.
  5. Parents must remain on site for the duration of the lesson. Please wait in your car or outside the pool entrance door.
  6. No outdoor shoes to be worn inside the pool building. Shoes are to be left where indicated at each venue. No shoes to be taken to poolside or changing rooms, even inside bags.  If flip flops or sliders are worn they cannot be worn outside before entering, otherwise they will be treated as outdoor shoes. This is a condition of our pool hire.
  7. Sorry, but children can’t use the pool if they have a ‘temporary tattoo’.


  1. Your child should not eat for 1 hour prior to swimming. Not observing this can lead to a child being sick in the pool and result in the immediate closure of the pool and cancellation of lessons (not just our lessons) for 24 hours.
  2. If your child isn’t fully toilet trained please ensure they wear a swim nappy and also neoprene nappy garment to ensure that faecal matter is contained.  Faecal contamination of the pool will result in the pool being immediately closed for up to 48 hours (immediate cancellation of our lessons and also all other lessons in the pool for the next 48 hours).
  3. Lessons run back to back and we regret that it isn’t possible for the teacher or admin staff member to enter into conversation with your before or after your lesson. This would reduce the swimming time for the next class. If you want to know how your child is progressing you can check their progress via the Client Hub.  Details of how to access this are on each invoice issued and you will need to register for the service.  This is updated regularly by the teacher.  Please note that we are unable ask teachers for individual updates but if you have any specific concerns regarding your child’s progress please contact office@swimclinic.school .  Please note that the Client Hub is updated only for our regular weekly swimmers and not ad hoc courses or intensive weeks.  If your child attends either of the latter 2 courses and is a regular swimmer their progress will be updated on the portal by their regular teacher after their next regular lesson.
  4. Your child must only enter the pool when instructed to do so by their swimming teacher. Children must leave the pool immediately after their lesson ends and are not permitted to be in or play in the pool outside their lesson time.
  5. Children must at all times adhere to the instructions given by the teacher for their own safety and the safety of others in the pool.
  6. No bombing or diving allowed.
  7. If your child is a beginner, it is completely normal for him/her to be nervous – due to the new environment, unfamiliar faces or the echo sounds in the pool area. We are used to dealing with this and will do all we can to encourage your child to participate.  Please talk to the admin member of staff about any concerns, or call one of the admin team after the lesson.  We will work with you to ensure your child settles.
  8. We teach in line with the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme. As a child attains each stage they will be rewarded with a certificate and badge.  Please don’t be concerned if they are not moving through a stage as quickly as you expected as all children progress at different rates.  It will help your child if you can take them swimming outside of their lessons as any practice in the water will assist their progress.
  9. At the end of the term your child will be offered another place for the following term unless we advise to the contrary, for example due to pool availability. If you want to remove your child from lessons at the end of the current course, please give us 14 days’ notice, by email, to be received by us at the latest 14 days before the end of term, otherwise a fee of £25 will be charged in lieu of notice.
  10. We continually monitor swimming progress and may move pupils up to a new class part way through the term. We cannot guarantee that we can offer the same time or the same teacher.
  11. We try to keep lesson times as offered, but it may occasionally be necessary to move pupils to a different class time or class level, either at the start of the term or part way through.
  12. We do our best to keep continuity of teaching staff but it may sometimes be necessary to substitute a teacher.
  13. We will make every endeavour not to cancel lessons, however if this happens it is outside of our control, for example due to pool malfunction, staff sickness etc. We will contact all parents affected using the contact information supplied to us.  It is therefore vital to ensure that any changes to contact details are advised to us.  Please also make sure that you check phone messages, emails and our Facebook page on lesson days.


  1. Refund policy. We operate a no refund policy, but we will offer a replacement lesson on production of a medical confirmation or certificate.  In the rare occurrence when a pupil is unable to return due to a long term severe illness we will consider a credit note taking each individual case into account.  We regret that no refund, replacement lesson or credit note will be given for non-attendance such as, but not limited to, minor illness, change of mind, child refusing to join the class, holidays, parties or other commitments.
  2. If Swim Clinic Ltd has to cancel a lesson, we will offer a replacement lesson. Day, date and time subject to availability.  We regret that we don’t offer a refund in lieu of the replacement lesson.
  3. At the end of the term your child will be offered another place for the following term unless we advise to the contrary, for example due to pool availability. If you want to remove your child from lessons at the end of the current course, please give us 14 days’ notice, by email.  Please note that this must be received by Swim Clinic 14 days before the end of the current term, otherwise a fee of £25 will be charged in lieu of notice.
  4. Once a booking has been made, confirmed by us and an invoice issued, if the booking is subsequently cancelled by the client before payment has been made, a £25 admin fee will be charged, as well as payment for any lessons attended and not already paid for and also lessons due to take place in the period up to 14 days after the date when cancellation is received.
  5. Once paid for lessons are strictly non refundable.


  1. For health and safety reasons your child must not swim if he or she has vomited or had diarrhoea within the previous 48 hours. If your child has virulent diarrhoea please seek medical advice and if diagnosed with more severe diarrhoea such as cryptosporidium or campylobacter we cannot accept him/her back into lessons until 14 days after the last episode of diarrhoea.
  2. If your child has a verruca please ensure it is either covered with a swim sock, or has been treated with a treatment which seals over the verruca.
  3. If your child becomes unwell or is injured during the lesson we will contact you to come to poolside. For this reason please stay on site whilst your child’s lesson is taking place.  If we need to administer first aid to your child this will be done with covid safety in mind – please see our covid-safe policy for full details.
  4. Plasters are not permitted as they come off in the water and clog the pump. Please remove any plasters before the lesson.  If the injury is severe enough for a plaster to be worn then we regret that your child will be unable to swim.
  5. If your child is unwell before leaving home please don’t bring them to their lesson. It isn’t fair to your child or to others.
  6. Please see our covid-safe policy. If your child is showing covid symptoms please do not attend their lesson.  We reserve the right to refuse admission to any child presenting with covid symptoms.
  7. Please advise us if your child is ill and unable to attend.
  8. Please advise us if your child tests positive for covid.


  1. No food or drink to be brought into the building, apart from water. This includes the changing rooms.  We cannot be responsible for water bottles brought in to poolside.
  2. No mobile phones to be used at poolside.
  3. Strictly no cameras to be used in the pool area, including mobile phone cameras. We have to consider the safety of all our pupils.  Even if your child is in a 1:1 lesson this rule still applies due to teacher privacy.  The no camera rule also applies at our seasonal pools where photos of the pool can be taken from outside the building.
  4. Swim Clinic does not accept responsibility for spectators whilst on site.
  5. Swim Clinic is responsible for your child during their lesson and also whilst in the building if their parents are not invited into the poolside area or changing rooms.
  6. Children are the responsibility of their parent when the parent is in the changing room with them.
  7. Parents are requested to maintain control of children that are not swimming and to remove noisy or disruptive children. Please be constantly aware that the pool can be a dangerous place for children are who are unsupervised.  During covid times when parents aren’t permitted at poolside this is more applicable to our seasonal pools where parents are viewing from outside – but close to the pool.
  8. Our communication with you is primarily electronic. Please advise us of any email or phone number changes.  Please check your spam folder regularly.
  9. Please regularly check our website swimclinic.school and Facebook page www.facebook.com/swimclinic
  10. We do sometimes have problems with emails going to spam folders. If you have an email address provided by hotmail, gmail or btinternet (all of these are notorious for sending our emails to spam folders, most frequent is hotmail), please go to your provider’s web page, log in to your account and add our email addresses admin@swimclinic.school and office@swimclinic.school to your provider’s ‘safe sender’ list or alternatively provide us with another email address.
  11. Lost property. Please make sure all your belongings are named.  Items that are not named and are left behind are posted on our Swim Clinic Facebook page:  facebook.com/swimclinic .  Items not claimed within 14 days will be disposed of.  Lost property must be collected from the Harwell address on our invoices, by arrangement only please.  We swim at several venues and have several hundred swimmers each week, so it isn’t possible to deliver individual items back to the venue they were left at, neither can we leave things at the venue for collection. Therefore we appreciate you helping us be arranging collection as above.
  12. Please do not allow your children to use play equipment within school grounds. This is forbidden by the schools and children are not covered by insurance.
  13. All the pools we hire are self contained but located on school property. It is strictly forbidden to access any of the school buildings or other part of the school grounds other than paths between the pool and the parking facility.
  14. Abusive behaviour. We have a duty to protect our staff and clients (both adult and children), therefore we will not tolerate abusive behaviour, whether verbal, written or physical. Such behaviour may result in immediate cancellation of your swimming place without refund.

 August 2022

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