Oratory Prep School Covid Plan


Our Covid Safe plan for The Oratory Preparatory School pool has been put together following guidance from the government, Swim England and other regulatory bodies and in conjunction with the School.

The Swim Clinic management/admin team and teachers have undergone training to understand and implement the measures that we need to have in place during these times.

The information below will be updated as guidance changes.


  1. The Oratory Preparatory School has a stand alone pool building behind the school building, which houses 2 pools: a 25 metre laned pool and a smaller learner pool.  We are hiring the large pool.
  2. The following information is in line with current government guidance and will be amended as guidance changes.
  3. Upon arrival please park in the car park in front of the pool building and walk to the rear of the building to the temporary entrance that is being used during covid times. The main door at the front of the building must not be used to enter the building as it will be used as the exit route.  The school has requested that we ask parents and children over the age of 12 to wear masks from their car to poolside and back to their car when collecting their children.
  4. We regret that parents are not permitted at poolside or in the changing rooms (unless it has been agreed in advance, for example due to their child having special needs).

Arrival at the pool.

  1. We will be using a one way system to access and exit the pool building. Access will be via the rear of the building – there is just one door which will be open.
  2. Pupils to be delivered to the pool 10 minutes before their lesson time.
  3. As children arrive at the pool a member of Swim Clinic staff will take their temperature using a non invasive forehead reading method. Any child presenting with a high temperature (above 37.8c) will be excluded from lessons with no refund given.
  4. Upon arrival anyone entering the pool enclosure must sanitise their hands – sanitiser will be located by the entrance door.
  5. Adults are asked to scan our NHS Test & Trace QR Code Poster. Copies are displayed near the entrance to the pool.  To do this you will need to download the NHS Covid-19 app.
  6. We will keep a register of all attending the venue, including parents/grandparents.
  7. There will be a one way system within the pool area to enable social
  8. Children to arrive for their lessons ‘beach ready’ which means that they are wearing their swim wear under their clothes.
  9. Each class will be allocated a picture of a sea creature. At poolside there will be designated areas marked with pictures of the sea creature and when they arrive children will be directed to the relevant poolside area. They will remove their outer clothing and put it into their bag (that they will need to bring with them).  There will be a coloured bucket that children can put their bags in.  The filled bucket will be moved to the other side of the pool during each lesson so pupils can collect their belongings in the area near the changing rooms and avoid contact with children entering the pool area for their lessons.  All buckets are to be sanitized before each use.
  • Within this designated area there will be social distancing – each pupil will be assigned a number to stand by whilst they wait for their lesson to start.
  • When the lesson is ready to start the teacher will call the children to get into the pool. They will enter the pool on one side and exit at the other to ensure social distancing at poolside.
  • We regret that we cannot lend hats or goggles, but new ones are available to purchase if required. Please note that it is a requirement that swim hats are worn, but goggles are not mandatory.


  1. Social distancing in line with Swim England’s guidance. The pool will be divided into designated areas for each lesson.
  2. The teacher will deliver lessons from poolside for all pupils except stage 1 beginners/non swimmers (at teachers’ discretion). The teacher will wear a perspex visor, whether in or out of the water.
  3. We need to inform the School of any teachers who are exempt from wearing masks for medical reasons.
  4. Parents may be in the water with special needs children or nervous beginners – but please ensure that you advise Swim Clinic in advance of your intention to do this to ensure that there is room in the pool as we are constrained by the lower numbers permitted in the pool at this time. Parents to observe social distancing guidelines at all times and must not assist another child outside of their household.
  5. The ratios applied for social distancing within the pool will be as per Government and Swim England’s guidance.
  6. Teachers and other staff are not permitted to help children with hats and goggles so please either teach them how to do these themselves or enter the pool area with them already in place.

Exiting the pool and changing.

  1. At the end of their lesson pupils will be directed to their allocated changing rooms which will be split between male and female, unless there is a session where all pupils are of one gender, in which case they will be split between the 2 changing rooms.
  2. We regret that the showers and hairdryers are not available at this time.
  3. Pupils will be expected to dress themselves. Please make sure your child has clothes that are easy to put on after the lesson.

If you feel that your child is unable to do this you may prefer to send them with a hooded towel, robe or onesie to put over their wet costume at the end of their lesson and either take them home or change them or in the car.

  1. We regret that parents will not be permitted to enter the changing rooms.

Sanitizing pool equipment and the poolside area. 

  1. Each teacher will be given a net bag containing the teaching aids they need for their lessons.  Before each lesson the teacher will be responsible for immersing their equipment in the (chlorinated) water to sanitize.  PWTAG (the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) have advised that the covid19 virus is destroyed by chlorine and as such the above method of sanitization is approved.
  2. Floats, noodles etc will be marked with numbers. Pupils must use the same float and noodle for the duration of their lesson.  Swim Clinic will provide floats and noodles for use during lessons.
  3. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to the pool.
  4. The poolside area will be clean and sanitised before our session. During our session we will sanitise in the pool area using wipes and spray.  Changing rooms will be sanitized with wipes and spray after each class has used them and toilets will be sanitized after every use.


  1. Parents must remain outside the poolside area – please return to your car and at the end of the lesson collect your child from the main entrance at the front of the building. We regret that parents can’t enter the building but your child will be returned to you by a member of our staff.
  2. Social distancing in line with current government guidelines must be observed at all times.
  3. Please note that Swim Clinic are taking precautions to avoid transmission of Covid19 in line with guidance from the various national swimming related organisations. Our Covid19 safe plan has been put together with guidance from Swim England and other relevant national bodies, and also in line with the covid plan that The Oratory  Prep School has put in place.  Every attempt will be made to keep your child covid safe but we obviously cannot guarantee 100% that the virus will not be transmitted within our swim school.
  4. Please ensure that your child does not attend if he/she has any symptoms commensurate with Covid19. We reserve the right to exclude any child who presents with symptoms that we feel may be an indication of Covid19.  We will also exclude any child who presents with a high temperature.
  5. If your child or another member of your immediate family tests positive for Covid19 please advise us as soon as you are aware and your child must not attend lessons. Please only return to lessons when a doctor or government guidelines advise that it’s safe to do so.
  6. If a child becomes unwell (with any illness) or injured during a lesson the parent will be asked to collect him/her and take them home, unless treatment for a minor injury such as a cut or graze can be given at the time. Whilst awaiting the parent our staff will socially distance if appropriate but if treatment is needed (such as a plaster to be applied) the member of staff will use appropriate PPE such as mask, gloves, apron.
  7. Anyone present at lessons, either swimming or observing, who doesn’t adhere to the guidelines laid down by the government at the prevailing time, or adhere to guidelines within this document, may be excluded from the session with immediate effect.

These are difficult times for us all and we thank you for your co-operation.

Our overriding concerns are to keep your children safe and despite all the new regulations to give them an enjoyable swimming experience.  We have also produced another document which we would ask you to share with your child before the lesson so that there are no surprises and children are aware of what to expect.

Carole, Lucy and Katy.

Swim Clinic Ltd

Version 1 –  April 2021

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