Harwell Pool Covid Guidance For Children

Dear parents

We’re looking forward to welcoming you and your children to our summer and autumn swimming sessions.

Due to the current covid restrictions there are a number of changes we have had to make to our normal procedures and a copy of our covid19 safe plan is available separately.

Just want to ask you to have a chat with your child before their first lesson so that there are no surprises.  A lot of things are going to feel very different.

  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before the lesson.
  • Parents to remain outside the pool area but you will be visible to your child.
  • Before entering the pool area each child will have their temperature taken (their forehead) and need to use hand sanitiser.
  • Inside the pool area your child will be asked to stand at the side of the pool next to a picture of a sea creature, which will be a turtle, starfish, Dory, or dolphin. Within their area will be numbers on the wall and to ensure social distancing they will be asked to stand by a number.  They will remove their outer clothes, put them in their bag (brought with them), and place the bag in a plastic container for storage.  If you prefer you can remove their outer clothing before they come in and keep their bag yourself.
  • The teacher will call each class to the pool for the lesson to start. On our Facebook page there are photos of our teachers which you may like to show your child.
  • For stage 1 beginners the teacher will be in the pool and will be wearing a visor. Please see photo of a visor being worn on our Facebook page which you may like to show your child.
  • We have numbered our pool aids and toys, and each child will use the same item for the whole lesson. All equipment has been sanitized before each lesson.
  • Please ensure your child can put their own goggles and hat on as we are not allowed to help them. Please see the video on our Facebook page.
  • After the lesson your child will exit the pool and walk to the changing room where their bag will be ready for collection, and they will get changed. If you have decided to wrap them in a towel and take them straight home, or change them outside of the pool building, please wait for them outside the door and a member of our team will oversee your child to the door.
  • We will have extra admin staff on duty to ensure that all runs smoothly.


Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/swimclinic

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Carole, Lucy & Katy

Tel: 07919 001335

Contact Info

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Contact info

Hagbourne Primary School
Main Road,
East Hagbourne
OX11 9LR

Sorry closed for the winter

When entering the school playground via the entrance gate,
there is a wooden clad building in front of you.

This is the entrance to the pool.

The boys’ changing room is on the left and the girls’ is on the right.
On leaving the changing rooms, go through the opaque door
and the pool is in front of you.

There is ample free car parking opposite Hagbourne School,
behind the village hall.

Harwell Primary School
The Styles
OX11 0HX

Sorry closed for the winter

How to find the pool:
The pool is in a building in front of and to the right of the main school building. Upon entering you will see the changing rooms on the right

There is ample parking available at the school – please park in the designated parking area.

The Oratory Prep School
Goring Heath
(Use RG8 7QA for Satnav)

Fri : 06:00pm – 08:00pm

Upon arrival please park in the car park in front of the pool building and walk to the rear of the building to the temporary entrance that is being used during covid times.

The main door at the front of the building must not be used to enter the building as it will be used as the exit route.

Kingfisher School
Radley Road
OX14 3RR

Mon: 05:30pm -07:30pm
Sat: 08:30am -12:30pm

When entering the school car park the pool building is on the left.
The changing rooms are in front of you as you go through the door.

There is ample free parking inside the school grounds in the designated parking areas

Our Lady's School
Radley Road,
OX14 3PS

Mon: 04:30pm -06:30pm
Wed: 04:30pm -07:00pm
Sat: 08:30am -12:30pm

From the car park. walk towards the main entrance.

Carry on walking to the right, round to the back of the building,
you will see a block of two storey classrooms, on the left are two white doors, enter through the left hand white door, this is the pool entrance.
Inside the door is a corridor, to the left is a door to the changing rooms and pool.


There is ample parking in front of the building

Intensive Courses

Sorry no intensives courese are available at the the moment.

We usually provide these during half term or the summer holiday.

For availabilty or further information please contact us.