About Us

Welcome to Swim Clinic!

We are a small swimming school based in South Oxfordshire,

we provide lessons for all ages from children (3 years and up) to adults.

One of the most important life skills we all need is to be able to swim!



The Swim Clinic aims to give young children the confidence to enjoy the water.

Our qualified teachers provide structured lessons, encouraging children to gain their confidence and achieve their first few strokes.

We are a member of  Swim England (formerly the ASA -Amateur Swimming Association) and follow their ‘Pathway to Swim’.

As a child progresses they work towards benchmarked achievements.

At each stage children are recognised with certificates and badges.

We take children from age 3.


Many adults didn’t have the benefit of regular swimming lessons as children.

Whether you are a non swimmer or an average swimmer wanting to improve, the Swim Clinic can help you.

For adults we offer individual 1:1 lessons and group classes.